What Is the Ceiling Height Required For a BendPak Lift?



The ideal ceiling height for a BendPak lift is fourteen feet. However, it's recommended that you have at least twelve feet of space. Also, be aware that things like light fixtures and door openers can reduce the height available. In addition, you'll need to have a clear path to your ceiling so that the lift can easily enter and exit the room to known more Check Mechanic Superstore here .

Ideal ceiling height of 14'

Ceiling height is a major consideration when planning the size of your lift. A ceiling height of 14' is ideal for a standard BendPak lift. It will give you enough room to work on your vehicle from below while the vehicle is on top. However, you should always remember that this is not a rule of thumb. It is recommended to account for an additional two feet when designing a new facility.

If your ceiling is higher than fourteen feet, you may want to consider purchasing a higher-quality model. A high-quality lift will increase your productivity, safety, and efficiency. A BendPak lift offers superior performance and durability. It has double hub cable sheaves and massive sheave axles to minimize cable stress and wear. The HD-14T is a versatile solution that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your business.

Minimum ceiling height of 12'

The BendPak two-post lift is equipped with direct-drive low-pressure cylinders to eliminate chains and screw mechanisms. It uses two HVLP low-pressure hydraulic cylinders for smooth, reliable operation. HVLP cylinders have fewer moving parts and are also less prone to leaking. This means that you can be sure that your lift will be free of any problems down the road.

Both models have adjustable heights. The LE-10 is designed to fit tall ceilings, while the XPR-10S is adjustable for lower ceilings. Both models are available in wide and narrow installation setups, and each lift is backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Safety locks engage continuously during upward rise of a BendPak lift

BendPak lifts have a dual safety locking system that engages continuously during upward rise. These locks are designed to lock the platform in place even if the lift is disconnected or the hydraulic system fails. BendPak engineers also re-configured the UHMW slide block bearings in the lift posts to reduce bearing load and ensure smooth operation.

The BendPak HD-9XW four-post lift has a 2,083-mm rise, making it an excellent choice for space-constrained home garages and smaller bays. Unlike other lifts, it doesn't require much floor space, even with its 6,000-pound capacity. It also features a compact footprint that makes it easy to place anywhere.

This system includes a ratchet locking mechanism 40 and a fail-safe mechanism 41. The ratchet mechanism is the primary safety lock device. The ratchet pawl 47 is connected to a pivot pin 49 welded to the interior surface 27 of the carriage frame member 19.