How to Prevent 3 Common Summer Plumbing Problems


As summer begins, it brings common plumbing issues along with it. Many people are experiencing multiple plumbing problems during this season. Summer plumbing problems can cause by many people gathering, receiving guests, and having a party at home. These summer activities can affect your entire plumbing system because more people use the toilets and more loads of laundry, and the need for water for the lawns, showers, dishwashing, cleaning, and gardens. 

If you do not take proper care to prevent common summer plumbing issues, you may encounter broken washing machines, backed-up sewer pipes, and damaged sprinklers. 

In this article, we will see the 3 most common plumbing problems people experience in their homes during the summer and how to prevent and maintain them. Let us take a look at it. 

Summer is a busy time of year for many people, with the increased activity and use in toilets. We all know how frustrating it is to have a plumbing problem during the summer. The hot weather often brings out common issues like clogged toilets and sinks, but did you also notice an increase in other people gathering at your house? These guest visits can affect not just one or two pipes—they could be causing interference that affects every part of our system! This includes increased demand from both guests who use more water than usual and homeowners using appliances such as dishwashers multiple times per day. In this article, we will see the 3 most common plumbing problems people experience in their homes during the summer and how to prevent and maintain them. Let us take a look at it. 

Clogged Toilets:

During the summer, clogging of toilets is a more common problem because of increased foot traffic in and around the home for get-togethers with friends and family. With the family and their friends, your house is going to be a little more crowded, and this means that your toilets are going to be used by double the number of people throughout the summer months. These activities may cause toilet clogs as well, unfortunately. This is because the added flushes will increase wear and tear on flappers, chains, and handles, thus it forcing them to repair them sooner than expected.

To avoid clogged toilets, try not to flush certain items inside the toilet such as baby wipes, dental floss, cotton balls, pills, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, etc. One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to make sure everyone, including children in your home, is aware of what items should not be flushed down the toilet. 

However, sometimes clogs in toilets are unavoidable with so much more use it. In this case, always have a plunger in your hand for a DIY approach to unclogging toilets.

Sewer Line Backups:

Sewer line backup is another common plumbing problem in the summer. It occurs due to heavy rain or summer storms. The land around your house will become saturated with moisture and when that happens, it can sometimes return to your sewer pipes, causing problems.

Some easiest ways to prevent sewer line backups include: try not to bath and flush toilets too much or any other non-toilet-related materials during a storm or rain. You can also install a drain plug or backflow device in the drains throughout the home to prevent water from backing up out of the drain during storms or rain.

Sprinkler Issues:

Sprinklers are a simple and easy way to keep your lawns and gardens hydrated during the summer. Having more crowds of lawns and gardens on the ground can easily contribute to broken Sprinkler problems.

Before the summer heats up, you need to ensure that all of your sprinkler heads are functioning properly. Be careful about your sprinklers and double-check that they are in good condition before use to avoid significant damage. If you notice a broken or malfunction, remove the old one and find a replacement at your local hardware store.